Team days

Are you too busy reacting to day-to-day dramas that you have no time to stop, breathe and really think about a better way to operate? Maybe you manage a team and you know there are problems but fixing them would be too hard and will take too long.

There is an expression ‘being too busy chopping down trees to stop and sharpen the axe’ In our experience a lot of teams operate in this way. Aspirational targets result in a heavy workload, individuals burn out, fail to get the results required and become despondent. And repeat. It’s a hard cycle to break.

That’s why Lucidity facilitates team days. Whether you are under performing or over performing, it’s an opportunity to take a step back, refresh and refocus and think creatively about different ways to achieve better results. Its also an opportunity to spend some time with colleagues perhaps learn something new and who knows, even have fun.

No cringing icebreakers, we take a brief from you about what you want to achieve from your team day and develop and deliver an agenda. We can also support you, if required, to implement some of the ideas from your team day because we love it when stuff gets done. 

“If you want a team day that is fun, engaging, thought-provoking and, importantly, delivers on your business strategy, ask Lucy”

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Lucy designed the session to help people feel at ease with lots of support and group work.”

Claire Irving, director of fundraising and marketing