Team day design and facilitation

Your people are your organisations most important asset.

When teams work well together projects happen fast and they get powerful results. High performing teams know, like and trust each other. They respect their differences and play to their strengths to get the job done. This doesn’t happen by accident. High performance teams require development, time, attention and hard work.

Creating and nurturing a high performing team, requires thought and effort, whether your team is face to face or online. In fact it’s even more important to keep your team motivated and connected when they are working remotely. At Lucidity we’ve been facilitating online meetings, webinars and training for years.

Lucidity designs and facilitates face to face and online team days and workshops. Whether you are under performing or over performing, a well structured team day is an opportunity to take a step back, refresh and refocus and think creatively about different ways to achieve better results. Its also an opportunity to spend time with colleagues, understand what makes each other tick, build trust and rapport, learn something new and importantly laugh and have fun.

How Lucidity team day design and facilitation works

We take the brief from you. Then we design and deliver your team day based on what we both agree success looks like, for example that might be developing a business plan or strategy for the future, feeling inspired and connected to their goals or celebrating successes at the end of a project.

“If you want a team day that is fun, engaging, thought-provoking and, importantly, delivers on your business strategy, ask Lucy”

On too many occasions even the most inspiring and energetic team days result in little action after the event. We offer a follow up debrief call to help you to make progress on the actions agreed once the team day is over. Some clients do this by having us back to facilitate their team day every year! Other clients take advantage of Lucidity Network membership. It makes us happy when you get stuff done.

For a chat about how we can design and facilitate a team day for you, or if you’re interested in joining the Lucidity Network drop me an email at

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