Lucidity was set up by Lucy Gower to help leaders, teams and organisations have the confidence to think clearly and get powerful results.

Lucy Gower – founder and director at Lucidity

I started my career as a textile designer and accidentally fell into fundraising through an introduction from a friend of a friend. I worked for several charities, raising significant money from Trusts, individuals, companies and events. I joined the NSPCC, one of the UK’s largest children’s charities in 2006.  Not long after that I had a career defining moment when I got the role as their first innovation manager.

I’d found a subject area I loved and an opportunity to work with different teams to help them turn their good ideas into action. Creativity and innovation are simply a strategy to solve problems that need solving. In my experience the biggest barrier that stops individuals, teams and whole organisations from innovating is lack of confidence.

In 2012 I left the NSPCC to set up Lucidity because I wanted to make a bigger difference by building confidence for creativity and innovation for many individuals and organizations.

When it comes to helping people gain their confidence to think differently there is value in not being part of ‘how we do things here’ and bringing a different perspective. Since 2012 I’ve worked with hundreds of organisations. I help leaders and teams to build their confidence, work together, think creatively and get powerful results.

‘I’m passionate about helping people and organisations with the confidence needed to unlock their creativity to problem solve and make their good ideas happen’
Lucy Gower, founder and director, Lucidity

The team at Lucidity take a practical approach to help anyone wanting to develop their creativity and innovation skills to get powerful results. They provide a range of information and toolkits as well as;

Training programmes to help you develop a culture and environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. This includes specific workshops on storytelling, resilience, leaning from failure, inspiring and influencing others and networking (because who you know is how everything happens).

Coaching programmes to provide inspiration, motivation and practical advice to give leaders the skills and confidence to make change happen. Coaches are a confidential sounding board and critical friends to help you think clearly, whether that is in your career, for your team or for your whole organisation.

Culture change programmes to help you make real and lasting change happen. We believe that culture eats everything for breakfast. We help organisations to build and sustain an organisational culture that enables creativity and innovation to flourish. We also support organisations to implement innovation processes and systems to more effectively develop new products and services. To put it succinctly, we help you get the difficult sh*t done.

Facilitation of workshops and team strategy days to solve problems, generate ideas, think strategically about business development or think creatively as part of a practical and fun team day.

Lucidity founder Lucy Gower is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and events around the world. She will inspire your delegates to unlock their creativity, tell powerful stories and build their confidence to ensure that their good ideas happen.

The Lucidity Network is the Lucidity membership. It’s for you if you’d like to make more impact at work, take charge of your own learning and development and get the work life you want. Each month members get online training (on a range of topics essential for successful creativity, innovation and making impact) and group coaching from Lucy and a selection of subject matter experts.  There’s also access to mastermind groups, a business book club, events and the Lucidity community of expertise. The Lucidity Network helps you to tackle the complexities of working life that didn’t come with the management or leadership handbook.

For more information check out Lucidity programmes, client case stories or send us an email.

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