The Lucidity Network

The Lucidity Network is a community of generous people who help each other get the important work done. Facilitated via a Facebook Community with group coaching, mastermind groups and online content to help you tackle the complexities of working life that didn't come with the management handbook.


I set it up because over the years I’ve learned that regardless of seniority, sector or role, who you know is the secret to progress, success and getting the results you want.

So if you’d like confidence, skills, knowledge and the connections to get powerful results in your work, join the Lucidity Network.

The Lucidity Network is designed to be a simple way to take charge of your career development.  We help you to make time to think, provide inspiration, knowledge and advice and a generous and open network that help each other get results.  Don’t just take my word for it – check out what some of our members have to say. 

What do I get?

When you join the Lucidity Network, each month you get:

  • Connected to a generous and open community of people that can help you.
  • Access to buddying, mentoring and mastermind groups.
  • Face-to-face meet-ups.
  • Invited to join the Lucidity Network Members Facebook Community – a place to build connections, ask questions and get advice from me and other members of the community.
  • A showcase event each quarter with an expert guest speaker over drinks and nibbles.
  • Practical toolkits every month on topics that your typical management handbook overlooks  (for example creativity, resilience and making time to think).
  •  Live webinar interviews with subject experts that delve into the topic of the month in more detail and answer your specific questions.

The Network has a broad mix of people in a range of roles, sectors and countries. Already members are reaping the benefits!

‘Joining the Lucidity Network has been one of the best decisions I made this year. The webinars with different experts have been really useful as have the online resources, I have learned a lot.’
Sam Mills, Head of Projects, Changeworks

‘It’s great to be part of a network to go to for help, advice and chat, as well as being able to give something back and help other people’.
Paul Nott, Principle Consultant

If you’d like to take charge of your own career development, keep learning, keep inspired and be connected to a dynamic group of people who can help you – then the Lucidity Network is for you.

The Lucidity Network is open for new members, more information and join us here. Still thinking about it? In the meantime, you can join the Lucidity Community free Facebook group for clearer thinking and better results.