The Lucidity Network is a pick and mix of online and offline practical tools and advice as well as access to a dynamic network of expertise to help you take the lead in getting the results you want.

Why I set up the Lucidity Network

After years of working with individuals and organisations to help them get better results, I noticed that regardless of seniority, role or type of organisation the same things stop people. It’s a mix of constant busyness and fire-fighting – people tell me they feel like they are on a hamster wheel going round and round too busy to think properly. This leads to stress, difficulty in prioritising and lack of focus. When we are busy, tired and stressed out our confidence dips. If we don’t have a trusted network to turn to for help and advice it’s very hard to get our confidence back, get back on top of work and get the results that we want.

“Your network connection has been hugely significant for me and I am enormously grateful!” Lucidity Network member

Many organisations don’t or are not able to invest in support for their most important asset – their people. Coaching can feel expensive both for organisations and for individuals so often people struggle on fire fighting, getting increasingly stressed which leads to average results or underperformance.

I’ve noticed that with a relatively small amount of help, this cycle of busyness, stress, low confidence and lack lustre results can be stopped and we can achieve much more than we think.

The Lucidity Network is designed to be an affordable way to help you make time to think, provide inspiration, knowledge and advice and a dynamic network to help you get the results you want.

We’ll be recruiting new members to the Lucidity Network soon. If you’d like to be the first to know when membership is open and snap up the new early bird offers, join the waiting list here.