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Not9to5 helps you change the way you work.

Individuals and organisations are moving away from the constraints of a 9-to-5 working week, recognising the benefits this can bring; from more inclusive work environments, increased productivity to a happier and healthier workforce.

As a business you may be aspiring to implement a new way of working, you could be looking to embrace flexible working or understand how to work effectively with the growing freelance community. We understand that changing the way you work isn’t as simple as implementing a policy. Instead it involves a shift in mindset, a change in organisational culture, learning new skills and identifying practical tools that enable you to succeed.

Our consultancy service involves much more than just bringing in an ‘expert’ to give advice. We work in collaboration with you and your business to identify what your needs are, the outcomes you desire and the best approach to get there. This all starts with an initial conversation to understand more about you and to ensure we are the ‘best fit’.

Find out more on the Not9to5 website.

When you are self-employed you sometimes miss the sense of community and support that full time work brings. For me, Not9to5 helps to fill this gap, as well as offering the opportunity to learn from your peers and continue your professional development. What makes it work is the quality of people that attend, their approach to life and their willingness to help each other.

Andy, Leadership Consultant

Attitude Coach

Attitude Coach helps professionals fulfil their potential and support business leaders who want to do the same. Our coaching and training programmes focus on removing the attitudes that undermine aspirations and developing those that lead to success and fulfilment.

Lucidity and Attitude Coach work in partnership. Together we help people to have the confidence to being their whole selves to work, get brilliant results and make real impact.

Lucy runs The Lucidity Network for managers and leaders across all sectors who want to take charge of their professional development and make more impact.

The Lucidity Network gives you everything you need to achieve success at work. We’re delighted that Caroline Holt, founder and director at Attitude Coach is the Imposter Syndrome expert in residence at the Lucidity Network and on hand to help Network members tackle any questions on their Imposter Syndrome in order that they can achieve success at work.

Find out more on the Attitude Coach website.

Every week, I grew in confidence, just by being me. Not only could I see the benefit that working with Caroline was having but my colleagues could, too. So, I feel fortunate to have had the chance of working with Caroline and would recommend her without hesitation.

Centre Manager, JLL

Policy Bee

We’re delighted to partner with our insurers Policy Bee to offer a 10% discount on your business insurance. Just check out the link.

Find out more on the Policy Bee website.

Super easy to use platform, found the right insurance for me in seconds! Easy to access documents afterwards. All in all a very positive experience.

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