Do you ever feel like you are stuck and you could achieve so much more with a bit of support? Perhaps you are looking your next career step, or want to make more of an impact in your current role? Maybe you just want to improve your creativity and innovation skills?

Innovation is fundamentally about making change happen, which we know is hard. In our busy working life we can easily become embroiled in day-to-day distractions and lose focus on the end goal.

In our experience people can achieve incredible amounts and at a fast pace with a small amount of help and support. That’s why Lucidity provides coaching.

Confidential and not restricted by internal politics and egos, Lucidity coaches are critical friends that ‘have your back’ challenge your assumptions and build your confidence through the ups and downs to help you make change happen.

Coaching can be face to face, via phone, email or Skype. We start with a 45 minute free discovery session to check we are right for each other. If we both think we are, we agree objectives and get started.  At the end of a coaching programme (We recommend a minimum of 10 hours to really benefit) you will have learned significant amounts through tackling tough situations and increased your confidence to deliver change.

“Coaching with Lucy has helped me with many parts of my development. Lucy has helped me build my confidence for public speaking and I can happily stand up and inspire a room, I still have nerves but I do it.”

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“I would recommend coaching to anyone who wants to overcome any personal inhibitions that are holding them back from achieving more. It is also good for challenging yourself if you are in a senior position and want to continue developing.”

Esther Preston