Speaking & events

Lucidity founder Lucy Gower speaks regularly at virtual and real life conferences and events inspiring you to unlock your creativity and innovate.

"We have booked Lucy on a number of occasions to provide an inspirational opening plenary and every time, Lucy receives top ratings from our delegates. Lucy has a fantastic ability to connect quickly with her audience, maintain absolute engagement throughout and build a brilliant level of energy so that the audience feels super confident, inspired and energised" Hayley Dann, Consultant

Check out where Lucy is speaking below. Or if you would like Lucy to speak at your event drop her a line at lucy@lucidity.org.uk.

Upcoming appearances

  • 6th October 2020


    Getting unstuck - in your career

    Many people who were feeling dissatisfied with their career before Covid-19, have taken the opportunity to think carefully about what they want their working life to look like in the future.

    Restructure, redundancies and realising we can live differently, with less, can be stressful, and it can also provide an opportunity to rethink, regroup and reset.

    At the end of the session you’ll have thought about why you’re stuck, worked through some ways to get unstuck and have some actions to move you forward.

  • 22nd October 2020


    How to boost your resilience, creativity and confidence

    Join Lucy Gower and Charly White on 22 October for a one day online training and learn practical tips to lower your stress and build your resilience in order to think clearly, combined with practical tools to help you think creatively and solve problems.

    At the end of this training you’ll have:

    • A toolkit of techniques to help you notice your stress and anxiety triggers
    • Practical tips and tools to lower your feelings of stress and anxiety, and help the people around you with this too and avoid the fight, flight, freeze state.
    • A set of tools to help you think clearly and creatively to solve problems
    • Confidence to put your learning into action and keep momentum even on the tough days.

    This training webinar is for anyone who is responsible for leading and motivating a team, and who would like to build their resilience and creative problem solving skills.

  • 19th November 2020


    The power of storytelling

    On this one-day course you’ll explore why storytelling is a powerful tool for fundraisers, you’ll learn storytelling structures as well as practical tips to help your stories connect with your different audiences. You’ll build your confidence for story by practising telling your real stories. The day is packed with storytelling examples from both charities and the corporate world and you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and tactics to engage your colleagues from inside and outside fundraising to help you find and tell powerful true stories.

  • 20th November 2020


    Innovation and creativity for better fundraising results

    On this one-day course we will define what innovation and creativity means and learn proven innovation tactics from successful companies, entrepreneurs and charities that you can apply to your day-to-day work. You will leave with a set of tools to build your innovation skills, including identifying where to focus your ideas, how to develop your personal creativity, how to create a culture that supports innovation and ensure the ideas with the potential to make the most impact happen.

What you said

"Lucy’s talk was inspiring - it really connected to some of my own experiences around facilitating innovation growth mindsets and helping people focus in on the route cause of a problem. I left motivated - thank you."

Kelly Davies, Behavioral Scientist

“The theme of innovation and creativity and working in this way is massively outside my comfort zone, and it was great to be encouraged to go for it”

National Trust Convestival delegate

"Lucy presented about how failure is an important part of the learning process and is the key to success. Lucy was so engaging and raised some really thought-provoking questions. I came away feeling enlightened and less scared to fail."

Kirsty Marrins, Content and Community Content Manager, JustGiving

"Lucy ran a superb session on how we should be integrating innovation into our applications to charitable trusts. In 11 years of going to these thrice-yearly meetings, this was the most inspiring and thought-making meeting I have ever attended."

Ewan Hastings MInstF(Dip), Trusts and Corporate Fundraiser, Waverley Care, Edinburgh.

"One of the best sessions I've ever done! Thank you Lucy! I came into the room interested and left EXCITED!"

Conference session delegate

"Lucy Gower is becoming my go-to person for inspiration on Innovation. I've heard her at several fundraising conferences over the years and it was a no-brainer when I was looking for a thought-provoking, motivational speaker for my special interest group's annual continuing professional development session. Emphasising group working and tenacity, she was really well-received by our group which ranges from brand new to those with decades of experience."

Deanna Wolf, Chair IoF Scotland, Special Interest Group for Trusts, Statutory & Foundations