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Build your confidence, skills and resilience to manage change, make more impact and enjoy the process.

Lucy works closely with you to understand the things that are holding you back and designs team days, training and coaching tailored specifically for your needs. She loves working with individuals and teams to build skills and confidence, helping her clients manage or adapt to change, think differently to solve complex problems, and connecting teams to improve their resilience and wellbeing. She creates safe environments where people can experiment, learn and enjoy the process.

Lucy Gower

Lucy is founder and director at Lucidity. She is a facilitator, trainer and coach specialising in helping managers and leaders with the confidence and tools to adapt to change, think differently and collaborate, in order to make faster progress and more impact.

She is bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker on storytelling, innovation and creativity. Lucy is passionate about helping people unlock their confidence and creativity to get the important work done. She enjoys working on projects with the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

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Lucy is a committed, pragmatic innovator and a lucid thinker. Her strengths are in combining that pragmatism, reliably and dependably, with the vision to make things happen, as a critical friend. She is uncompromising in her pursuit of the best possible outcome and has been a tremendous person to work with and get to know. She is also a fun collaborator - definitely someone to have on your team.

Anne McCrossan, Managing Partner, Visceral Business

Gary Gower

Gary is an expert listener when it suits him and always has a fresh perspective on a problem. He’s excellent at sniffing, sleeping and making people laugh when they’ve had a difficult day. He’s great at taking minutes and collecting post.

Gary prides himself on having the longest face, and the jauntiest walk of the Lucidity team and loves being involved in early stages of projects. He enjoys tummy tickles, scratches behind the ears and barking at horses.

Gary isn’t on LinkedIn but you can find him on Instagram garygower_dog_diaries

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I love coming to meetings with Gary Gower, he's always pleased to see you. Gary wears his heart on his sleeve (if he wore sleeves) and he doesn't hold back on letting you know what he thinks about a situation. He often has a different perspective that helps to combat group think and drive innovation. He's a sociable member of the team, he helps to break the ice and he makes people smile just by being Gary.

Lucidity Client

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