Whether you are just finding your feet in developing your innovation strategy, culture and process or are natural born innovators ready to leap to the next level, Lucidity can support you to achieve your goals.

Driving change is difficult. Lucidity provides expert advice and support to help you develop the right structures and frameworks to unlock latent creativity and drive successful innovation strategies in your organisation.

“Lucy worked with us to develop a common framework, understanding and toolkit to help us think more strategically as a team about innovation in order to achieve better results”

We start by understanding what you want creativity and innovation to achieve. Then we get to know you; your current capabilities and capacity to innovate. Then we work with you and your team from the start as designers of your creativity and innovation strategy. That way you own it and have a stake in and are inspired to ensure its successful implementation.

You are left with a robust process for innovation, suitable for your needs and a core team of enthusiastic stakeholders equipped to drive it forward after the consultants have gone.

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“Sometimes it feels easier to take the ‘safe option’ but ‘safe’ may not be ‘best’. Lucy helped the team reconnect to why it’s important to be brave and keep questioning and challenging ourselves and our clients in order that we continue to deliver the best creative solutions”

Paula Attfield, Executive Vice-President, Stephen Thomas Ltd