Culture change programmes

As far as we’re concerned culture eats everything for breakfast.

Right now is an opportunity to regroup and reset your organisational working culture and make it robust for the new future of work that is emerging.

You can have the smartest people, the best ideas and budget to spend but unless you have a culture where leadership leads by example, ideas are valued, where it’s ok to fail and learn and people are given time and permission to develop and test ideas then any sort of innovation or change is very difficult.

How Lucidity culture change programmes work

We start with a ‘health check’ of your current culture and specifically how it’s shifting with the need to work remotely. Through interviews and questionnaires we learn about your current status quo. We understand the current attitudes, capability and capacity for innovation and what’s holding you back. With this insight and equipped with your vision of what success looks like (for example some organisations focus on incremental innovation, others want to be more disruptive and others focus on product development) we develop a programme which consists of training, workshops and coaching around a real project over an agreed timescale to make the shift in your organisational culture to a place where innovation and creativity can thrive.

Many clients also join the Lucidity Network as a way to embed and increase the speed of change in an organisation.

The Lucidity Network is the Lucidity membership.  Each month members get online training (on a range of topics essential for successful creativity, innovation and making impact) and group coaching from Lucy as well as a selection of subject matter experts.  There’s also access to mastermind groups, a business book club, events and the Lucidity community of expertise. The Lucidity Network is helping teams to stay motivated, connected and supported, especially right now when many teams are working from home for the first time. It helps you to tackle the complexities of working life and tools for managing change that didn’t come with the management or leadership handbook.

If you’d like to view the current situation as an opportunity to building a strong culture in your team or organisation where your people can thrive at creativity and innovation, or find out about your options for joining the Lucidity Network, drop me an email at

“Sometimes it feels easier to take the ‘safe option’ but ‘safe’ may not be ‘best’. Lucy helped the team reconnect to why it’s important to be brave and keep questioning and challenging ourselves and our clients in order that we continue to deliver the best creative solutions”

Paula Attfield, Executive Vice-President, Stephen Thomas Ltd