What we do

We help managers, leaders and teams with the confidence and skills to think differently, solve problems and make more impact.

  • Do you ever feel that you can’t think straight or make good decisions which is fuelling your procrastination which in turn knocks your confidence and stops you making real progress?
  • Perhaps you’re managing a team and juggling a lot of conflicting priorities that are making you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?
  • Are you struggling to make time to think creatively and problem solve?
  • Do you have great ideas but you don’t know where to start or how to turn them into practical action to get them off the ground? They just stay as ideas.
  • Or are you plain out of inspiration and finding it hard to get motivated and to motivate and support your team?

At Lucidity we help busy leaders and managers like you to priotitise the time to think, creatively solve problems and supercharge their results through training, design and facilitation of workshops and team days, 1:1 coaching, and a membership community called the Lucidity Network.

I’m also a keynote speaker on innovation, creativity and storytelling and have presented at conferences across the world as well as online.

If you’d like an informal chat about how Lucidity can help you, email me Lucy@lucidity.org.uk or book a chat here.  I look forward to speaking soon!

Find out more about how we work in our case stories.

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