Free Resource – How to innovate and make more impact at work

Innovation is about making change happen, about taking action and solving a problem or meeting an unmet need for your audience. Your audience might be your customers, volunteers, supporters, colleagues or employees.

How to innovate and make more impact at work

How to innovate and make more impact at work

I created this practical guide alongside a short email series to help you prioritise and make time to ensure you get the important work done.

In my experience, the biggest barrier that inhibits our creativity and our ability to innovate is our own self-belief. Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of people who are innovating and driving change. And I’ve noticed that the people who make the best progress all do the same things.

This guide and its accompanying email series are designed to walk you through the approaches of the best innovators and change makers and provide you with practical templates that you can use straight away either on your own or with your team.

The habits of the successful innovators and change makers are; focus, optimise time, resilience, connect and engage.

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