Lucidity runs practical and enjoyable training to help you and you team unlock your creativity and work together to get better results.

Our core training is listed below.  It’s a full day of learning and practical activities for up to 18 people. We also design training and workshops specifically for your needs. For more information or just an informal chat drop us a line at

Innovation and creativity

You might have a team that doesn’t think they’re creative, or perhaps you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start or simply you’d benefit from a day out of the office to think big picture about how you can work differently to get better results.

Innovation and creativity training provides teams with the confidence to be creative, solve (the right) problems and work as a team to make the good ideas happen. At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • belief that you are creative
  • have an understanding of what innovation means for you
  • practiced generating lots of ideas
  • learned how to select the best ideas to develop
  • developed your own environment for creativity and innovation.

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“What was most powerful about the training was seeing Lucy work with people individually so that they really understood that it was in their control and already within their ability to build and develop relationships with supporters and volunteers. We started to get results immediately which encouraged us to do more”

Stephanie Harvey, Head of Fundraising, Providence Row

The power of storytelling

When it comes to creativity and innovation, the really hard work starts when you try to get others inspired by your ideas. Whatever your role, whether working with internal teams, managing up or down, pitching to investors or selling to customers your ability to inspire and excite people might be the difference between success and failure.

Story is a powerful tool for anyone needing to inspire others to change or test something new.  At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • unlocked and practiced telling your personal story
  • learned how to lead with story
  • crafted inspiring and engaging stories for different audiences
  • practiced telling and listening to different stories
  • developed your storytelling confidence and ability.

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“Many of the team were apprehensive about storytelling. Lucy designed the session to help people feel at ease with lots of support and group work.”

Claire Irving, director of fundraising and marketing, St Catherine's Hospice

How to make your ideas happen

It’s all very well to unlock your creativity but if you don’t do anything with your ideas all your creative energy has been a waste of time. To make your innovations happen, whether it’s a new service, a new way of working or a new or improved product you’ll need to get others on board. This can be complex because in our experience the majority of people don’t like change (even if they say they do). At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • tools for prototyping, piloting and testing your ideas
  • tactics for effective communications to inspire and engage your audiences
  • developed your listening skills and ability to respond to new information
  • developed your confidence to network effectively
  • learnt how your body language can influence to help you get the results you want.

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"We evaluated the reaction to each workshop by measuring inspiration, relevance and likelihood to implement. Lucy’s workshop ‘How to up your innovation impact’ scored “definitely” for 100% of attendees."

Katherine Horsham, Head of Volunteering, National Trust

The beginners guide to insight

You simply can’t have good ideas without understanding your customer and your audiences. Having data, statistics or information is the first stage of insight. The magic is when you can interpret that information into something meaningful that generates discussion, ideas and innovation that delivers results.

Insight is a team sport and when teams come together and share what they know about their audiences and then with that knowledge develop ideas together you get products and services that your audience want or need. At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • identified simple, cheap and effective ways to gather data and information
  • learned some easy ways to give the data and information meaning
  • practiced generating lots of ideas based on insight
  • developed your own systems to embed insight into business as usual
  • enjoyed working with data even if you are not a ‘data person’!

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“Working with Lucy has helped to focus and keep momentum for innovation both in the Community Fundraising team and the wider organisation."

Karen Bolton Senior Community and Events Fundraising Manager, Mind

Successful networking

The strength and diversity of our networks that opens doors. People who know, like and trust you, who understand and appreciate the value you bring, will make introductions that provide greater opportunities.  Whether it is online or in real life, building and maintaining your networks is an essential skill.

This two-hour practical workshop focuses on honing your networking skills with emphasis on real life interactions. It is designed as a practical and lighthearted way to learn and refine core skills and take the fear  out of networking.

At the end of this session you will be able to attract more opportunities and tackle any networking event with confidence. We will cover:

  • Tips for preparing to network
  • Conversation techniques to be a successful networker
  • Basic listening and body language skills that are often overlooked
  • Building rapport with others face to face
  • Tips for making a polite exit

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Your practical tips on how to gracefully enter (and exit!) conversations at networking events will be very useful in the coming months

Networking workshop delegate

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