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Lucidity runs practical and enjoyable training to help you build your confidence to think differently, manage change and make more impact.

Training with Lucidity builds confidence, helps individuals to think differently whilst looking after themselves and each other – and have an enjoyable and inclusive learning experience. Examples of recent training are below. To talk about what you need drop us a line at or book a time to chat here. 

Innovation and creativity with confidence

You might have a team that doesn’t think they’re creative, or perhaps you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start or simply you’d benefit from a day out of the office to think big picture about how you can work differently to get more powerful results.

Innovation and creativity training provides teams with the confidence to be creative, solve (the right) problems and work as a team to make the good ideas happen. At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Belief that they are creative
  • Have an understanding of what innovation means for them
  • Practiced generating lots of ideas
  • Learned how to select the best ideas to develop
  • Confidence to take action and test the best ideas quickly
  • Developed their own environment for creativity and innovation
  • Confidence to go back to their day job and implement what they’ve learned.

For more information or to talk about your specific training requirements drop us a line at or book a call here. 

"We evaluated the reaction to each workshop by measuring inspiration, relevance and likelihood to implement. Lucy’s workshop ‘How to up your innovation impact’ scored “definitely” for 100% of attendees."

Katherine Horsham, Head of Volunteering, National Trust

Making time to think

Are you and your team constantly responding to urgent and important requests with no time to think straight? Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel running round and around with an ever increasing ‘to-do’ list with no time to action anything because you’re in constant meetings? All the time feeling stressed out at being pulled in all directions?

If this describes you and your team, then making time to think training will help you break the cycle of busy and prioritise important thinking time.  At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • Practical tips and tools to help make time to think and prioritise
  • A shared understanding of the causes of stress and overwhelm and ways to work together to support each other
  • Tactics to be more productive and reduce feelings of stress overwhelm
  • Tools to decide what tasks are priorities
  • Practiced building the confidence to say ‘no’ and feel OK about it
  • Enjoyed themselves, connected as individuals and as a team and learned from each other

For more information or to talk about your specific training requirements drop us a line at or book a time to chat here.

Confident presentations

Does your confidence take a dip at the thought of presenting to an audience? Perhaps you avoid speaking up in team meetings, or putting yourself forward to present and then regret it afterwards? Do your nerves get the better of you even though you know your topic or perhaps you dread being interrupted or answering questions at the end?

If you have to present to others, online or in real life as part of your role this training will help you tackle your nerves and feel more confident to present in any situation. At the end of the training participants will have;

  • Practical tips to manage their confidence before, during and after a presentation.
  • Learned tactics for engaging and structuring presentations for different audiences, (and how to spot the signs when an audience isn’t engaged and what to do about it).
  • Learn a growth mindset approach to better embrace opportunities for presenting.
  • Have coping mechanisms for when presentations are not going to plan.
  • Learned tactics for confidently responding to questions (and the unexpected!)
  • Have systems for supporting each other to ensure continued learning and development.

For more information or to talk about your specific training requirements drop us a line at or book a time for a chat here. 

Prior to our workshop with Lucy, I was really struggling with feeling confident when presenting, but also experiencing anxiety after doing presentations. Lucy shared some really useful practices to help alleviate these feelings both pre and post presentations, which has ultimately changed the way I feel when asked to present.

Stacey Vincent, Events Fundraiser, The Grand Appeal

Building resilience and managing change

Managing change in organisations can be exhausting and uncomfortable. It usually involves gaining buy in from different stakeholders with different needs and priorities, helping others to adapt and resilience as you juggle to meet moving deadlines. Change is constant and whilst we are not able to control what is happening around us, we can control our response to situations.

This training is for anyone who has to manage themselves or others through any change whether that is systems, processes or new product development. At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • An understanding of the causes of different responses to change and uncertainty
  • Tested different tips and techniques to manage yourself and others response to change.
  • Practical ways to build your and your teams resilience and look after yourself
  • Practiced listening techniques to gain a better understanding of others response to change
  • Practiced approaches to gain buy-in and understanding for the need to change
  • Worked with colleagues to understand how to support each other through change
  • Experienced an enjoyable and supportive session with a view to taking the principles back to day-to-day work.

For more information or to talk about your specific training requirements drop us a line at or book a time to chat here. 

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