You can’t steer a parked car

You have to move.

There is a phrase ‘God can’t steer a parked car’. It caught my attention.

The phrase has morphed over time and different contexts and is often cited as, ‘You can’t steer a parked car.’

It’s true.

Have you ever tried to steer a parked car? It’s impossible. The power steering doesn’t work. The wheel won’t turn to the left or the right. You’re stuck. Exactly where you are. With no ability to change course, move forward (or backward).

Whilst I fully endorse percolation and taking time to think, there comes a time when in order to make progress you have to move.  If you’re not moving (in any direction) you’re not making progress – if you want to make any sort of change you have to move.

This means even if we don’t know what to do, we are better to start doing something even if it’s not exactly right or perfect because with the forward momentum you can then adjust your course.

If you’re static there’s no learning.

If you want to see change in some area of your life, take the first step. Start moving. Think about what you want (that’s the percolation bit). What’s the first small step you might take to get you closer to that. Do that. Build tiny habits. Now you’re moving. Now you can start steering.

If you need some help to get moving, perhaps unstuck at work, or build your confidence to make change – get in touch and we can chat about how I can help you.

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