Calling Sunday syndrome sufferers

Sunday syndrome; That sinking feeling at about 5pm on a Sunday when you realise that you have to go to work the next day.

Rationally you know that it’s still 5pm on Sunday and you have hours of weekend left. Objectively you know that no matter what lies waiting for you at the office on Monday morning. IT’S STILL SUNDAY yet you can’t shake of the uneasy feeling of dread.

Why do we get this?

I remember getting Sunday syndrome when I was at school because we had double maths on a Monday morning. I wasn’t very good at maths and I was scared of my teacher.

I thought Sunday syndrome was a hangover from double maths Monday dread, but over the years I’ve realised that most people have experienced Sunday syndrome.

It strikes me as a bad thing, most of us spend 40 or more hours a week at work and the thought of going back after a couple of days off should not be so awful.

That said now I work for myself I don’t get Sunday syndrome - I’m not sure if that’s because I put in some hours most days - or I’ve found something I really love so it doesn’t feel so much like work.

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