How to build your network

Some quick and easy tips to help you.

The idea of a lone genius having a lightbulb moment is a myth. Successful leaders all have ‘go-to’ people in their network sometimes described as critical friends, sometimes as a more structured coaching or mentoring relationship and more often a combination of all three.

Your networks are important. They provide inspiration and opportunities, pick you up when you’re feeling down and give you support and confidence when you need it most. It’s important to build your trusted troupe to go to for expertise, advice and support through the difficult times as well as to celebrate breakthroughs and successes with you.

Deliberately building your network is all part of your strategy for success.

But how do you build your network and how do you know who you need it in?

Think about the types of expertise and emotional support you need. For example, advice on a topic, someone to tell you to keep going, someone you trust to share your fears with, a person who is good with numbers, someone to tell you to stop procrastinating, someone who makes you take stock of how far you’ve come, someone that doesn’t let you off the hook. Think about practical help, mentors, people who will hold you accountable, people who will support you, people who top up for energy, people who make you laugh and will keep you going on the tough days.

Get an A4 sheet of paper and divide it in two length ways. In the left-hand column, write out a list all of the support areas you need in your life, from health to work to spirituality to whatever else it is for you.

In the right-hand column write the names of the people in your network already that fulfil these roles for you.

You’re probably going to have some overlap — for instance, Gary is a great source of practical help and emotional support for me. Maybe your colleague gives you emotional support and is also someone who holds you accountable.

If there’s a gap, think about how you might fill it – who might you ask to be introduced to?

Look at the names you’ve written down. A great network is all about give and take so remember to connect, and ask what you can do to help them.

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