Creativity should not just be the territory of the ‘creative people’

Creativity and innovation are not ‘nice to haves’ they are survival strategies. Changing demographics, increased competition, economic and political uncertainty and advances in technology are just some of the many factors that affect every individual and organisation on the planet.

Today organisations, and the people who work in them, must be creative and innovative in how they respond to the changing needs of both their customers and the market environment or they will not survive.

Yet, most people, when asked don’t see themselves as ‘creative’. Creativity is perceived as the territory of the ‘creative people’. The truth is that we are all creative. We are all capable of having ideas.

How we access our creativity is different for all of us. The majority of us don’t have our best ideas when we are at work, stressed at our desks or put under pressure by our manager to ‘think outside the box’. We have our best ideas when we are relaxed or in a playful state with time to think.

And creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There is a myth about a lone person having a light bulb moment. The best ideas happen when people talk, build on ideas or collaborate to solve a shared problem.

Innovation is making the good creative ideas happen. Whether this is a product, service or a new way of working, making any type of change happen can be difficult. There is often a reluctance to change from ‘the way things are done here’. Many organisations have structures and cultures that restrict rather than facilitate change.

That’s why Lucidity was set up. We deliver training, coaching, consultancy and programmes to individuals and organisations to unlock latent creativity across all their teams and enable innovation to flourish. We provide knowledge, support and confidence in order to help everyone be a ‘creative’, achieve better results, have a more enjoyable working environment and make a bigger positive impact on the world.

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