One simple way to build your confidence

Have you ever felt uncertain that your new idea is going to work? Or out of your depth convincing others to change the way things are currently done?

That’s good because it is perfectly normal to feel like that. Its how you manage that feeling that is important.

We all have times when we feel uncertain or lack confidence, and we feel this even more frequently when we are deliberately pushing ourselves to do something new or unknown. This means that innovation is a hotbed for crashes of confidence. Successful innovators actively work on their own confidence as an ongoing part of their innovation process.

One common thing that undermines our confidence is referred to in psychology terms as our ‘critical inner voice’, the voice of our negative thoughts, the one that tells us to just give up or that we will get found out for not being good enough. You know the one?

I know when I am tired, run down or stressed the critical inner voice gets louder – and harder to quieten.

There are many techniques to help you quieten that critical inner voice and regain your confidence. One way is simply to remember to look after yourself. This is not always as easy as it sounds when we are busy with lots of conflicting priorities, but its important not overlook the impact a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep has on your confidence.

If you are going to be successful at driving change and challenging the way things are done you must have confidence. Build yours by paying real attention to looking after you.

When it comes to getting the best results, confidence is a big deal. Thats why I set up the Lucidity Network, a combination of inspiration, learning resources and connections to a diverse Network to build your confidence to get great results. The Lucidity Network is open now, but hurry because the doors close at midnight on 15 November. Sign up today.

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