Workshop design and facilitation

Einstein said that ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.’

An external facilitator can bring a fresh perspective. Whether you are meeting online or face to face, they can help you think differently, challenge assumptions, and unlock the answers that you are unable to see because you are too close to the problem.

If you have a complex problem to explore, or want to generate ideas or make decisions quickly and want to have some fresh thinking and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard (not just the loudest people) consider working with an external facilitator.

How Lucidity workshop design and facilitation works 

We take the brief from you. Then we design and deliver your workshop based on what we’ve agreed success looks like, for example that might be generating lots of ideas, making clear decisions on which solutions to take forward or getting a shared understanding or buy-in from a range of stakeholders.

“You did a truly amazing job – despite some very challenging circumstances!”

On too many occasions even the most inspiring and energetic workshops result in little action after the event. We can also hold you accountable and help you to make progress once the workshop ends. Many clients do this through client membership of the Lucidity Network. It makes us happy when our clients make progress.

For a chat about how we can design and facilitate a workshop for you, or your options for  Lucidity Network membership drop me an email at or book a time for a chat here. 

Lucy ran a workshop on how to drive innovation in your charity – it was not only well structured and packed full for practical take home tips it was an inspiring and fun experience. Feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive, her infectious enthusiasm and expertise were just what we were looking for.

Adeela Warley, CEO CharityComms

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