The Lucidity Programme

A one-off training day or workshop can unlock creativity and innovation, but for sustainable change and long term results we suggest you invest in The Lucidity Programme.

The Lucidity Programme is a proven methodology designed to help you and your team think creatively, develop your innovation potential and achieve better results for the long term.

the-lucidity-programme-infographicThe Lucidity Programme is designed to develop your creative confidence and innovation skills to ensure your good ideas happen.

The team at Lucidity design a programme of practical and proven training, consultancy and coaching tailored to your needs to help you prioritize, focus and achieve better results (and still go home on time).

We work with you on a live project, up-skill your team with knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver real results.

Stages of the programme


In order to learn about your business we will assess your teams’ capacity and capability to innovate against a set of criteria including entrepreneurial mindset, attitude to collaboration, generating and developing ideas and making them happen. We do this through a questionnaire and interviews with key stakeholders that identify your strengths and opportunities as well as barriers to innovation and change.


We analyze the results carefully so that we can best understand your business needs and produce a presentation of our findings which includes recommendations for the Lucidity Programme blend of training, consultancy and coaching that is right for you.


We create a Lucidity Programme for you that includes a handpicked team with the balance of skills and experience.  It will include elements of;

  • training in; innovation and creativity, storytelling, influencing, customer care, strategy, pitching and train the trainer
  • workshops; for idea generation, filtering ideas and team building
  • coaching; of key employees responsible
    for driving innovation and change to keep momentum and solve problems as they occur
  • consultancy; expert advice on strategy for innovation and change.


At the end of your Lucidity Programme we undertake a thorough investigation to assess its success against the criteria agreed at stage 2. We provide you with a presentation and recommendations for the next steps to maintain momentum or take your performance to the next level.


Whatever your capacity and cabability for innovation, it’s an ongoing process to maintain momentum and fresh thinking. We will develop an ongoing programme that usually involves;

  • training; for new staff, train the trainer and refresher training
  • workshops; requiring an external facilitator to generate ideas, challenge and inspire teams
  • coaching; to keep focus and momentum when faced with barriers
  • consultancy; to respond to opportunities as they arise.

Lucy took the time to understand our needs and delivered a tailored package of training to achieve our goals; which were to help the team think creatively and work together to deliver exceptional experiences for our supporters.

Craig Linton, Ex-Fundraising Manager, RLSB

To find out more about the Lucidity Programme or other ways Lucidity can help you and your team email