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Money Tree Fundraising

With a wealth of not for profit sector experience Beth Upton set up her business in 2010 to provide charities with expert fundraising consultancy. For a few years her business had been ticking over, but when Beth had a moment to stop and think strategically she realised it wasn’t delivering the profits she needed, nor was it allowing her the working lifestyle that she desired. She was working very hard just to break even.

“I felt lost and lacked confidence about how to get out of a cycle of exchanging time-for-money only to just break-even.” Beth Upton CEO Money Tree Fundraising

Beth approached Lucy with a broad brief of needing a confidential, trusted and objective sounding board to talk though problems and help to develop a more strategic approach to the business.

Lucy started by going back to basics. Over two intensive days Lucy took Beth through a framework to answer some fundamental questions about Beth and her business starting with why she wanted to have a business and her vision for it. They mapped out what success for Beth looked like, what Beth’s core offer to clients was as well as thinking about which parts of the business Beth enjoyed and was best at (as well as the ones she wasn’t that could be delegated).

Then through regular meetings Lucy held Beth to account to the vision she had mapped out. Lucy continued to motivate, problem solve as situations changed and was a critical friend always bringing Beth back to her ‘why’, her vision and helping her make the decisions that would most effectively get her there.

“On my own I do ask those questions but I stop thinking when I get to the first answer, which isn’t always the right answer.” Beth Upton CEO Money Tree Fundraising

The process can be hard and it can feel very raw. It takes a 3rd party to ask the difficult questions that as a business owner you are too close to see. Lucy keeps challenging until you’ve got to the nub of the problem.

“Lucy’s approach is positive (cheerleader) rather than allowing any self-flagellation for previous choices that haven’t worked out. She doesn’t encourage procrastination but she does encourage self-care and compassion. I felt comfortable that she knew what I was going through as a small business owner of her own.” Beth Upton CEO Money Tree Fundraising

Since Beth started working with Lucy and investing in developing her business she has rebranded, redefined and more clearly and precisely articulated her core offer. She has revised her pricing structure, doubled her turnover and works fewer hours.

“Over the last two years that I’ve been working with Lucy I’ve rebranded, hired my first staff and doubled the company’s turnover.” Beth Upton CEO Money Tree Fundraising

You can check out Money Tree Fundraising here. 

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