Team away day on storytelling


Diabetes UK

Every year Diabetes UK brings their Engagement and Fundraising directorate together to reflect on their successes, consolidate their learning, get to know each other and learn something new. There are over 120 people so it’s a feat of logistics and planning to deliver a day that has something valuable for everyone.

The brief was storytelling.

Being able to tell powerful stories to communicate important messages is important for any organisation. It’s particularly crucial for Diabetes UK because more people are being diagnosed with diabetes, which can be complicated to understand. The charity relies on fundraising to deliver its work and so must engage and inspire its colleagues internally as well as the public to raise more money to meet the increasing need.

‘Lucy listened to the brief and helped to craft an agenda that had the right mix of learning and interaction at the right times to keep the audience engaged and interested for the whole day’ Clare Horwood, Assistant Director, Engagement and Partnerships

The day involved reflection and learning delivered as a mix of keynote sessions, group work and discussion. People had opportunities to work with and get to know colleagues and enjoy themselves at the same time. We took people on an emotional journey as we heard real stories from people living with diabetes as well as supporters who had taken on significant physical challenges to raise money.

‘Lucy added huge value to the day. She bought energy, expertise and an outside perspective on the subject of storytelling and introduced us to the emotional journey of doing anything great giving us a way to talk candidly about internal challenges. She managed the energy in the room and achieved strong engagement from colleauges– even in that post lunchtime danger zone when people can go into a slump.’ Kath Abrahams

The feedback so far has been very positive, with people feeling inspired and with clear learning and actions to take forward.

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