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Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas Ltd is a fundraising, marketing and brand agency for the non-profit sector.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to helping our clients achieve fundraising and marketing success. When we heard that Lucy Gower was coming to Toronto to speak at the AFP Congress on creativity and innovation we thought we’d better take the opportunity for her to spend some time with our team sharing her experiences and tips.

Lucy ran an innovation and creativity team day. Her brief was to challenge and inspire our teams to think differently and be braver in order that we can help our clients also think differently and be braver too.

“We want our teams to help our clients to be braver, to stand out and raise more money. Since Lucy’s training I’ve seen our teams gently push our clients further outside their comfort zone. We know that we and they have to think differently if we are to deliver outstanding results.” Neil Gallaiford, President and CEO, Stephen Thomas Ltd


“Sometimes it feels easier to take the ‘safe option’ but ‘safe’ may not be ‘best’. Lucy helped the team reconnect to why it’s important to be brave and keep questioning and challenging ourselves and our clients in order that we continue to deliver the best creative solutions” Paula Attfield, Executive Vice-President, Stephen Thomas Ltd

The team got a lot out of the day. Here’s what some of them said.

“Lucy’s session was thought-provoking and inspirational.”

“I gained a lot of knowledge from Lucy’s session and have made my own “Be Brave” moment as part of my pledge to myself.  My pledge is currently underway, still a constant work in progress, but I didn’t consider it a priority until I attended Lucy’s session.”

“Her session helped me see my potential and how I can bring more innovation into what I do at the office and outside.”

“The “Start With Why” section helped me see creativity and innovation in a different form. It helps an individual to look beyond thinking “outside the box” but to look at innovation from a different angle.”

“My own personal challenge coming out of Lucy’s session was to practice regular acts of bravery – to proactively face my fears. So far so good!”

“After the training we all took the innovation animals quiz! It helped us think more about our individual strengths and approach to innovation. It was fun too” Paula Attfield, Executive Vice-President, Stephen Thomas Ltd

Take the innovation animal quiz here. And if you’d like some help to be braver and deliver more innovation success then get in touch. 


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