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Royal London Society for Blind People

“When I wanted to arrange in-house training for my team, Lucy was the first person I turned to. Lucy took the time to understand our needs and delivered a tailored package of training to achieve our goals which were to help the team think creatively and work together to deliver exceptional experiences for our supporters.” Craig Linton, Director of Fundraising RLSB

The RLSB support blind and partially sighted young people to unleash their potential and live the life they want.

They do this through an expert blend of education, sport, creative and developmental services, delivered in London and the southeast.

Without fundraised income the RLSB would not be able to deliver all of their services. The fundraising team has a big responsibility in ensuring that they raise money in both the short and long term to ensure that RLSB can continue to be there for the people that need them, both now and in the future.

RLSB asked Lucy to develop a programme of training to help build the skills, knowledge and confidence of the fundraising team in order that in a competitive fundraising environment they could collaborate more effectively, offer their supporters the very best experience and raise more money.

The programme was tailored to the needs of the team and involved;

An innovation and creativity day to help the team work together to think strategically and creatively, develop their problem solving skills and take action to ensure their ideas happen.

Storytelling workshops to inspire both themselves and their supporters about the difference they make as well as connect and inspire colleagues outside of the fundraising team. Through these practical workshops the team learned how storytelling can be a powerful communication tool and built their confidence to find and tell their own engaging stories

Supporter experience workshop to really put their supporters needs at the centre of their work in order to ensure that they have the very best experience of supporting RLSB, recommend to friends and family, and stay a partner in helping RLSB make a difference to blind and partially sighted young people for the long term.

The team had a lot of fun and each of the practical sessions built on the previous one. By the end of the programme the team had reconnected to the importance of their role, built their confidence to tell powerful stories that inspire others to take action, thought creatively about giving their supporters an exceptional experience and solved some day-to-day problems. They all committed to specific actions to ensure that the learning from the workshops was implemented.

“The training was highly regarded by my team and Lucy followed-up to make sure we had achieved our aims and desired outcomes. After the training we improved our thank you letters, updated our supporter promise and implemented a new process for assessing ideas. This all contributed to improving our fundraising performance. This willingness to go above and beyond stands Lucy apart from the crowd and she is one of the best trainers in the business.” Craig Linton, Director of Fundraising RLSB



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