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Marie Curie

The Marie Curie community fundraising team work across the country to provide care and support for people with a terminal illness.

Claire Morris, Head of Community Fundraising wanted to give her team time and space to reflect on their achievements and think creatively about ways they might work together more effectively to meet the increasing funding demands for services.

Claire held a team day and asked Lucy to run an afternoon workshop that would inspire the team, give them some practical tools to help them think more creatively and work collaboratively across the wider organisation.

“Lucy ran a lively session about creativity with confidence, that taught us some principles about generating good ideas through practical exercises involving role-play. There was also a lot of laughter. This prepared people for an important session on thinking creativity about some real challenges that the team needed to tackle.” Claire Morris, Head of Community Fundraising South

In just an hour the team had hundreds of ideas. They then prioritized taking forward the ideas that had potential to make the most impact. Because there was a creative buzz in the room, there were also lots of small ideas that people bounced off each other too.

“Lucy really paid attention to what I needed and what would work with the team and delivered a brilliant afternoon. It was just the right mix of inspiration and practical application that was spot on the brief” Claire Morris, Head of Community Fundraising South

At Lucidity we often work with teams that struggle to take time to think creatively because of heavy workloads and demanding targets. When busy teams are able to carve time out for creative thinking workshops, its critical that they deliver for the business.

That’s why we design workshops that quickly create an environment for creative thinking, are practical, encourage participation and discussion and result in people taking action. We aim that everyone leaves a Lucidity workshop with a shift in thinking and at least one small change that they can make right away.

“We have ideas to implement which are a mix of projects and small changes that everyone can make that will add up to make a difference. We’ve got creative techniques and tips for building more collaborative ways of working and we left re-energized and fired up to make our ideas happen.” Claire Morris, Head of Community Fundraising South

If you’d like to re-energize your team and give them tools to get better results at the same time, then get in touch. A Lucidity workshop could be just what you need.


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