Lucidity training helped us reach our team income target for the first time


Providence Row

Stephanie Harvey, Head of Fundraising at Providence Row shares how training with Lucidity has resulted in fundraising success.

I approached Lucy to run some training for my team, who were relatively new to fundraising. I wanted to demystify the world of fundraising and get them thinking more through the eyes of supporters and volunteers.

Lucy created the perfect practical training sessions that enabled the team to really understand what I see as two of the key skills in fundraising: providing excellent customer service and telling compelling stories.

“What was most powerful about the training was seeing Lucy work with people individually so that they really understood that it was in their control and already within their ability to build and develop relationships with supporters and volunteers. We started to get results immediately which encouraged us to do more” Stephanie Harvey, Head of Fundraising, Providence Row

Since the training back in January 2016 we have all thought differently about how we work together and how we communicate with supporters.

  • We have changed our approach to our presentations and copy writing by telling our stories more. I rarely use the standard presentation we created a while ago and instead talk much more about the people we work with and my experiences of working to help provide homeless people with support to get them of the streets.
  • We have built in processes that recognise our supporters in different ways, for example we now choose a ‘supporter of the quarter’ to contact personally and thank for their support.
  • For the first time I wrote a personal letter to a supporter who gives every year in memory of his father to tell him how special I think in memory giving is and what it means to me. He emailed back straightaway and is coming to visit in September. This will be his first visit where he will get to see first hand the difference his support is making to the lives of the homeless people we help, and we hope he will be inspired to offer more support.
  • Inspired by our training we refined our supporter journey. This has resulted in filling 30 places in the London to Brighton bike ride in September – double the amount that we sold last year.
  • The whole team is more confident.

This year as a direct result of the different approaches everyone in the team has implemented, together with a lot of hard work we achieved our annual team fundraising target for the first time! The feedback I got from everybody was that it was their favorite training and they found it extremely useful in whatever field they work in. Thank you Lucy!

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