How to drive organisational change – reconnect everyone to the core purpose


Claire House Children's Hospice

“I do all the odd jobs around the hospice, and I know that at the end of the day everything I do in my job is contributing to helping more children and families that need Claire House. Lucy and the team helped all of us reconnect to why we do what we do”

Geoff,The Claire House brilliant housekeeper

Claire House is a children’s hospice near Liverpool. The team at Claire House provide care to sick children, many of whom are dying from terminal conditions, and supports families through this incredibly difficult time.

For Claire House to support all the children and families that need them, they need to fundraise from individuals and organisaitons in their local community.

Back in 2014 David Pastor, the Chief Executive confronted the hard truth that his team at Claire House needed to raise significantly more money in order to reach every family that needs their support, both today and in the future.

In April 2014, led by David, the Claire House team attended an intensive 3-day workshop to make some strategic decisions about their ambition to be there for every family, and how to raise the money to enable them to deliver the additional services that would be needed. The team included front line care staff who work directly with very sick children and their families, fundraisers, parents who have used Claire House services, people from finance, HR, retail, information and systems, plus some trustees.

For three days the group worked with Lucy and the team at Revolutionise to truly understand their core purpose and unite everyone behind the importance of their part in caring for children and families that need them.

Together the team understood why fundraising must be at the core of an ambitious charity, unpicked the science behind why people give and learned how the whole organisation could work together to raise more money to invest in more services for children and families.

One of the outputs of the three days was a collection of ten beautiful, emotional stories featuring some of the children and families that together they’d helped at Claire House. Each of the team could now tell a story in their own words that would inspire others.

“We wouldn’t have got to where we are if we hadn’t gone through this process. At the end of three days we arrived at a completely different place.”
David Pastor, Chief Executive, Claire House Children’s Hospice

Since the workshop Lucy has supported the team though training days, supporting the key employees who are leading the change programme through both the ups by celebrating the successes and the downs by sharing and learning from the failures.

“The real hard work is to drive the change forward across the entire organisation. Making change is a long process and we’ve learned much about ourselves already.”

David Pastor, Chief Executive, Claire House Children’s Hospice

All employees can now tell a story about the difference they can make and are working together to raise money and deliver services, so that Claire House can be there for every child and family that needs them.

“We’re still working with all our teams to deliver this transformation, the three day workshop was an excellent start, gave us clarity and reconnected us to why our work is important. This may be surprising for some given the nature of the work that we do, but sometimes in an emotionally charged environment we need to disconnect in order that we can on a daily basis do the best job that we can”

David Pastor, Chief Executive, Claire House Children’s Hospice

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