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On Purpose

On Purpose work with inspiring professionals and help them get stuck in to become leaders who harness the power of business for good.

The On Purpose Associate Programme is designed to transform careers. Associates learn on the job, doing real work in purpose-driven organisations while at the same time going through an intensive learning and development programme.

Lucy Gower at Lucidity trains Associates towards the end of their placement in networking skills, because who you know is an important part of your career progression. Research shows that the quality of your network impacts on your career and personal development. It’s how you seek out opportunities, find your next role, or exciting project. Good networks also keep you going when things get tough and help you celebrate your successes.

Networking is a hard topic to teach but I thought Lucy did a great job and I got some really useful tips out of it which will serve my life and career well in the future. On Purpose Associate

Networking is one of those critical skills that we are expected to just know and we are rarely taught when we enter work. We go on training courses in how to manage, how to use databases, do presentations, health and safety and other skills specific to our work topic, yet networking remains one of those things that’s just expected.

Despite being social animals, many people dread networking and are often unsure of what’s expected. It’s common for confidence to dip as we worry about saying the wrong thing, forgetting peoples names or getting stuck with the boring person with the only escape tactic to announce that we’re going to the bathroom.

Lucy was a great trainer, she tailored the session to what we collectively asked for. On Purpose Associate

All Lucidity workshops are practical with a focus on learning and experiencing skills that you can put into action straight away. The networking training is practical and designed to provide people with the understanding of why networks are an important part of professional life as well as the confidence to make the most from the networking that they choose to do.

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